about me

About me

Do i need to introduce myself ? Can i skip this ?

You figured it out. I am lazy and a little shy.I feel inconfortable talking about myself. Well i prefer when people ask me questions but i guess i need to get out of my comfort zone …



Hello !! My name is Safa and i am the type of person who used to be shy but when growing older realized life is short .Time is going by and that’s why i decided to stop worrying and start living,expressing myself  and just letting my personality shine.

When i think about myself some words just pop up in my mind : i am a random Tunisian girl,i have 24 years old, i am an ambitious free painter,an art lover,an automatic and robotic student ,a member in JCI ,a happiness hunter who loves learning languages and exchanging cultures ,i like having fun and meeting new and interesting people.I also can’t miss a chance to visit beautiful places or to laugh.

This blog is the beginning of a journey for me, as i am the kind of persons who’s imagination is always wandering somewhere ,especially when i witness a moment of absolute beauty,a moment of quite solitude or a moment of pure happiness.I feel sometimes lost as i try to find out what i want to do with my life.

This blog Lost in traffic is (as i hope it will be) an open window to the world,as i get the opportunity to share my passion,my thoughts,and much more.

>>>Feel free to join me<<<

Are you curious to know WHY i STARTED this BLOG ? you can also read my post ‘ A blog ? for what?’


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