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A total stranger told me i was very lucky : It was 13 a.m , the sun is burning,i was caring a heavy backpack , feeling the sweat on my skin and worried .Too exhausted, i wanted to go home and there weren’t any taxi so what ever.Some people in the street were waiting for a taxi too ..and that’s when i saw it.It came like a delivrance.

A taxi stopped ,the girl was going out of it ,so i hurried up to go into the car and that’s when she looked at me and said the words ‘ you are very lucky you know’it was strange hearing it because i never felt i am because of some circumstances and things that have happened to me.But Hearing her saying that ; it was magical and it made me realize,maybe i am luckier than the other people who still wait for a taxi passing by.Maybe i am lucky for hearing some stranger who doesn’t know a thing about me saying i am lucky.Maybe i am lucky for starting to believe,for an instant that, it may be true.Maybe i am lucky..Yes definietly i am..i just didn’t see it as i was convinced i wasn’t.

Late in the afternoon,i went to the cinema with my girls.. watched a tunisian documentary movie which made me see things from another perspective.It was about the last election and how the political parties find illegal ways to win,how they can trick the narrow minded people to vote for them,how they can buy votes.It took me in an emotional journey ; i felt angry , i felt sad, i felt sorry, i felt hopeful,i felt revolted..and with every minute of it i was enjoying the film and discovering the ugly truth .Really opened my eyes.

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