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Don’t wanna hear a thing !

Handle With Care

How are you at receiving criticism? Do you prefer that others treat you with kid gloves, or go for brutal honesty?


I can handle criticism.From everyone,with open ears and heart.Especially stranger’s criticism.

I always have this thought that when someone pointes out my faults , it has to be for the better.It just opens up your eyes and allows you to correct things.It really  is crucial for personal improvement. 

It wasn’t always that way , but this is one of the virtues of growing older: Taking criticism less personally.This is how you take criticism without getting self-conscious and defensive.

Unfortunately i can’t take my father’s criticism . I take it very personal ,and can’t hold myself from being defensive most of the time.

I guess i always wanted him to see me as the ‘perfect daughter’ ,not tell me the list of my flaws. Even if deep down me i know i am far from being perfect (and nobody is) but it did matter  to keep that beautiful image.My father’s criticism is what made me insecure.

Things have changed now, i don’t know if he ends up giving up on criticism or  me guetting more aware of my weaknesses , but it was less of it and more of taking responsability .

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