A blog ? For what ?

I just started a blog.Yes I finally did !

And yes i do know that there are millions of blogs out there and that my blog is just a drop in the ocean but i still like the idea of creating something and watching it grow over the months , seasons and hopefully over the years.



First , it was out of envy.There were so many famous and successful bloggers i’ve heard of and i think you do too and i was wondering what does it feel like to be successful ?What if someday , me too i become famous like them,what if i start by creating a blog(i always wanted to have one anyway and i was the curious type )  ?


After putting a name on it and facing the new born blog , i was thinking different..

It looked like i was witnessing the birth of my own ‘thing’, something that should be special to me , something that looks like me and talks like me, because it was from this moment a part of me .

So..i wasn’t comparing my blog to others anymore because i realised every blog is unique , like it’s owner.I wasn’t thinking about success anymore because deep down me , having this right now is more than sufficiant and i was happy with it .

What is it about?

If you are reading this and thinking , is this blog interesting enough to push the follow button?

Well … life is short , don’t think too much about these kind of stuff.Meaning… just follow  :p   Kidding  😉

This blog is about passion , love , creating , learning ,thinking ,having fun, growing older and wiser and sharing things with you.Or at least this is what i think it is going to be about..I am not going to limit myself and just write about anything and everything.

I hope you find in my posts the joy , the comfort and the inspiration you’re looking for.

Welcome 🙂

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